I had sex with someone prior to getting STD results from doctor


Hello. I had sex with someone prior to getting STD results from doctor. He is threatening to sue me. I am a nervous wreck. I don’t know what to do any advice. I am feeling lots of anxiety and starting to get depressed because I have no one to talk to. He is asking me to supply him medication and counseling.


An individual could be sued for knowingly giving someone an STD. However, it could often be difficult to prove in court.

First of all, if he doesn’t get tested he’s an idiot. Sounds like you were courteous to tell him but unless he tests positive he has nothing to sue for. and BTW…..When I got my results my OB/GYN told me the virus has to be there more than 12 weeks to show up in blood work so do the math and work from there….if you slept with him within the previous 12 weeks of being tested and he comes back positive, it’s most likely not from you nor did you get it from him….don’t let him worry you…it takes a lot to prove malice.

If you did not know you had it then he cant come after you. If you can prove that you didn’t know until after and you have your results to prove that then you are OK. I know the girl who gave it to me admitted that she knew she had it but thought she was between break outs. I struggled but ultimately decided that life is still life just with a bit of a hill to climb. hang in there.

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